Saturday, December 26, 2009



  1. The bottom one looks more spacey than aquatic.

    The thumbnails on the 2nd one (that are rendered in blue) are interesting.

  2. I agree with justin. If these are aquatic, they don't look it. I'd research shapes of submarines, and other underwater devices/vehicles to get the feel right.

    the render on the last one is nice. too bad its MODO YOU FAG!
    Haha. but no, it doesn't look aquatic. It looks spacey. I think underwater stuff is definitely going to be more organic then blocky and sharp. The water has to move across its surface at high speeds, so think speedforms and curvy surfaces versus squares trying to move through water.
    I definitely think you could get some great results by having some long/stretched designs. Keep the scale as it is (cockpit for a few humans) but play with stretching the proportions to being much sleeker and longer (i.e. submarines)

  3. thank you guys,
    here is the deal though. there is supposed to be 2 factions in the ip. and obviously i was gonna have one of them more angular and the other one rather organic...
    And i think once you see the final design in the proper context there should be no doubt its some sci fi submarine (since its under water, ya know :P)
    So what do you think?

    PS: what is this "modo" you re talking about, never heard of it ;). its rendered in acrylic-paint. can't you tell?

  4. Hmm..
    i still think they look like spaceships. Even if the form language is boxy doesn't mean it has to look like space ships?