Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Term 3

Quick ideation thumbnail. 1 minute. Starting a new project... Paintovers/crits welcome.


  1. i want that spoiler

  2. nice start annis,

    I think you had a good design intent for presenting a driver content with his new ride . You really captured that awesome feeling of driving a convertible in the sun. the mountains in the back ground reminds me vividly of driving along the Pacific Coast Highway, going north past Malibu.

    I might be reading into this, but I see this piece as where you see yourself in your dreams once you have become a successful designer.

    I think you could include some elements to set this piece apart even more. May I suggest you add some foreground elements to puch depth, like a a figure in the foreground with a spear, and also some techy foreground cables to push the sci-fi edge.

    You also need to have repeating shapes receding into the back ground. may I suggest you make a space ship on a new layer, copy in three times, making once large, one medium and one small to really push the perspective. You could also do the same with a rock picture you can find on google image search.

    This piece has a lot of potential man, can't wait to see more!