Wednesday, July 8, 2009

feeling inspired tonight :>


  1. Real nice overall mood. The Mecha could use some more lovin' and less rudders though!

    The pack on the back of the main body of the mech repeats the guns in front in proportion and shape, making the direction the mech is facing confusing. maybe replace the tail rudders with an mg turret/secondary shape? an open hatch your character climbed out of?

    The character's awesome, just chilling out, enjoying destruction I suppose.

    Overall this is probably my favorite of your work so far. With a little more love it could be a solid portfolio piece.

  2. yeah, i agree that this is good.
    I disagree about the direction of the mech. I personally thought it had a good 'weight' in the back, making your eyes follow the curve to the front (guns).You also leaned it forward, giving it a 'stance', which further illustrates direction.
    I believe the building could use more love...