Monday, June 1, 2009

Photo study failure

45 minutes of failing

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  1. matt, hopefully you at least learned something from the colors... it looks good when I blur my vision. Maybe try to be a bit more consistent with the depth. figure out your darkest background value, and make sure that's your standard for 'the darkest', as between the 2 pagodas, you have some nice values, but then it gets darker on the right side which messes up the depth read. The indication on the palm tree is pretty good! And its good to see you experimenting with the tree on the left. I'd say maybe make a palette knife brush and keep it horizontal for the water ripples. some of your strokes go too vertical and make the water read badly. IMO it's one of those things that when you slow down and think about which strokes to make, it can be very easy to make look convincing. Sargent has alot of it, check out and find some of his water stuff. I learned alot just by looking at it.