Monday, June 22, 2009

Concept Design Academy UPDATE 2

hey. this is homework for the class "production illustration" im taking at cda right now. Its supposed to be an old miners shack. It is still in progress. I spent too much time on it for what it is and need a break. Please crit !

Update 2:
Thanks for your input, bros. I tried to fix everything you pointed out. Taking another break from this piece of crap now.


  1. Looks great dude, really worn and used. My only crit is the inside floor boards seem a little clean, maybe a small hole in the floor or built up dirt in some corners.

    Very cool. Can I stay there for the weekend?

  2. seriously impressive work matthew. i agree with lex, and maybe also some slight variation in value with the planks of wood. the giant purple cliffs in the background could be a little more tidy as well. just a smidgee. overall the style your going after, the textures, color and nice sketches work perfectly together. little matty is growing up fast! keep raping matt, im loving everything your putting out lately. :D

  3. MATTT Hahahahahahaha DUD you are geting Fucking amazing, this is soo grate keep it up =)

    P.s. lex and danny are right, but still fucking amazing dud