Monday, May 4, 2009

Concept design class summer

Hey guys and gals,

been off the grid for a while due to family and friends.  I have a question, has anyone heard more on the class Scott was thinking about putting together for this summer?


  1. I dont think anyone has heard yet.

    I think when it's ready we will be the first to get emails (even though I can't do it, personally), scott had said to sign up for dynamic sketching, and then as soon as the new one comes out (you'll get an email) you can just switch. If it doesn't happen by week 1, I don't think it's gonna happen and you'll be better off in dynamic sketching :P

  2. There is no dynamic sketching this summer. And we cant register vor viscom 4 (product only) since we didnt do the prerequisite class (viscom 3 obviously) ... what that means is WE'RE SCREWED if the entertainment sketching class wont happen for some reason.

  3. Yeah, if anyone gets any news on it will they post it asap on the blog? Thanks.