Monday, May 18, 2009

howdy guys, sorry for not posting up till now >_> ANNNYYY Wayyy
hahahah finally i got my lazy ass to post, please crit me =D


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  1. finally you guys... jeez.

    first thing I notice is viscom 1 :P you have a few different horizon lines happening between the middle, middle back, and background. The big one all the way in the back has this flat, graphic perspective, while the skyscrapers all go to a VP, but it sets them on 2 different planes.

    Also, careful with the smoke and clouds. In some places it works, but in other places the edges get a bit muddy. Typically you can use just 1 or 2 values for smoke (mid and dark), and let opacity do the rest.

    also, if you do a repeating architectural element that is going to be pretty heavily rendered, but you dont have a 3d underlay, you can do it orthographically once, then copy/paste it next to itself, and then warp it into perspective, then you can paint in the correct lighting and perspective but it looks exact and solid.

    Glad you guys finally got on here.. now make sure the gravy train stays on the tracks!