Friday, May 1, 2009

Alien Race Volume 2

Since my Alien Race project was total shit, I decided to restart it. Here's my first attempt. Comments and crits are welcome of course.

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  1. hahaha. dude, it wasn't total shit. The dog and the guy were totally awesome.
    This guy kicks ass, though. I like the helmet! However, I think it's too flat on the face- almost as if someone chopped it off and placed a mask there instead of his skull. Try some variations on the head- I definitely think that it needs to extend a bit further out.
    i LOVE that elements of the mask continue onto the body. Those things look totally cool!

    Here's a quick link to awesome dinosaur pics. . Huge library of a LOT of dinosaurs. not sure if it's all of em, but close to it.
    your sketching is improving. I wish you'd have shown us more variation, before you went straight into color!
    Love it though- keep us updated!