Sunday, April 26, 2009

Peggy paintover

Hey peggy! So I assumed the mood was like.. bustling Moon York City or something, so the first thing I did (a thom-nique) was look up nightscape.. and found this AMAZING gem, took one of them (the key is one that has alot of black with only lights visible, no buildings you can actually see). Then you put that image on lighten... and bam. All the lights come flying out at you. vibrant, photorealistic, sci-fi. Warp it, blur it, flip it, hue shift it.

Aside from that, I added atmosphere to push the farther parts back, and a foregroudn element to get a 1,2,3 read (FG, MG, BG). You can have some fun designing space docks and throw in a pre-designed ship thing as well!

City scapes are tough... I am afraid to attempt it actually... one I reference is by alex chu, it's here.

Actually, he has ALOT of good 'city stuff'. he really mastered that thing.

anyways, to pull your beacon lights out more, I used a combination of Vivid light layers (if you double click it and turn off the "transparency shapes layer", you get some wicked awesome light FX), and some color dodge layers.

Overall, It's a very solid base. I love the vertical light pillars on the ground, reminds me of LAX alot. I hope I didn't ruin underlying things you had going on either =\ but don't be afraid of bright punchy colors! Also, sometimes going over an image with an overlay layer at the very end really pushes it... you can use it to push warm/cool, light/shadow, etc, and it can really make an image stand out.

note: the emphasis on that main building is a bit patchy, that would take some thought... but I tried to keep focal point there... maybe should have toned down the blue light

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