Sunday, April 26, 2009

more thumbnails

for the freelancey thing.

Lesson learned; do not design too much in the thumbnail stage. Like we learned.. dont deliver more than Stance, Proportion, and Silhouette. With the other sets I did, I tried detailing them and such, and he kept wanting more and more, when all that crap is alot easier to do in the second stage after you have the skeleton you're working on nailed down.

Also, just a random note I learned from listening to Kevin chen crit some guy- For your portfolio, don't arrange stuff in a grid... having 9 equally sized things on a page equally spaced looks nice, but people don't actually look at it. No matter how nice the designs are, most people will just breeze past it. If you want someone to really look at your designs, lay them out in a very interesting way... as far as freelance goes, like Scott said.. maybe Apples to Apples is a better presentation method for actual work. (as opposed to presentation only.)

post people!!

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