Monday, April 27, 2009



  1. Hey annis,

    It's a cool idea, but something about this painting doesn't make it feel real. I think 2 things;
    The earth is too punchy- maybe it would be a good idea to practice with one of the photos actually underneath first and paint the ships over it, so you get an idea of the realtionship- right now it feels like toys and a board game or something.

    2: the ships don't really have scale indication that is relatable... anything that casts shadows on the planet while that far up must be MASSIVE (as it's really difficult to eclipse the sun, even the moon can barely do it), but there aren't any windows or ladders or anything. I think the top ship should be mega detailed as opposed to blurred out, I think it hurts the painting.. also, it's the exact same value as the lower one, which might be phsically correct but I think it's a good opportunity to push depth.

  2. Justin- i agree. It definitely needs a lot more atmospheric perspective. Good points!