Tuesday, April 14, 2009

i think we should just post all our stuff on our own personal blogs and crit eachother there instead of uploading our work in a million different places. doesn't take that much more effort.


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  2. some people don't make their own blogs- and either way coming to see everyone else's in the same spot is a bit more motivating in my opinion. I think it also helps build a stronger community (class dynamics or whatever). I don't check everyone's blogs every day, but I could just come here and scroll down and watch. As long as people tag their posts, you could easily keep track of one individual project.

  3. Why this blog?

    - It is an inclusive, communal, source of competition, support and critique.

    - It is an easy, one-stop place for Scott to check up on us.

    - It's a great opportunity to grow and prove your commitment to being one of the lucky first, ever to start Entertainment Design at Art Center form day 1.