Friday, April 17, 2009

30mins not so speedie

trying to get faster and not noodle. setting myself a 30 mins stop, let's see how far I get...


  1. Alex,
    looks cool, but finishing a piece also takes mastery. Don't speedpaint so much this summer that you can't properly do a finished painting.And, Try not to use so many custom brushes so blatantly in your work-but rather let your own creativity decide what shapes should go where.
    Custom brushes aren't bad, but at this stage, I think you may be hindering yourself. Don't become so reliant on them. I guess my point is that if you need a water texture, then that's fine. But if you need the main focal point (i.e. the building your ship is headed towards), then i'd suggest trying to come up with a cool shape on your own either through sketching on paper, or painting it in with the round brush. It'll help your design skills, instead of taking the circle brush you took, and clicking once, twice, and calling it done.
    Again, when you paint, remember your silhouettes. Design in graphic 2d shapes, instead of letting the custom elliptical or circle brush do the designing for you.
    I hope all this makes some sort of sense.
    All in all, great work. I wanna see more! I'll try to do some tonight as well.

  2. thanks broski!

    I'll try one with just the round brush