Thursday, April 30, 2009

meh.. my attempt =\

Speedpainting-space station

1 hour speedpainting with matt. Spent an additional 30 mins afterwards to detail it a bit more.
Today's topic was: "Spacestation". Interpreted any way you wanted. If you guys see this, feel free to join in even today.
Tomorrow's topic will be "jungle rumble". Open to interpretation.

Again, if you guys want to join in, feel free. Add me on AIM or something, and we can all set a time to paint at the same time. I believe it's more fun that way. And talking to each other (over the internet or in person) is definitely a bit more of a push then doing it by yourself.

Space Scene

1 hour speedpainting..

Monday, April 27, 2009


Hey everyone I hope your all having a good break. Here’s a piece I did the other day. It was inspired by a desert photo with similar lighting. Crits welcome.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Peggy paintover

Hey peggy! So I assumed the mood was like.. bustling Moon York City or something, so the first thing I did (a thom-nique) was look up nightscape.. and found this AMAZING gem, took one of them (the key is one that has alot of black with only lights visible, no buildings you can actually see). Then you put that image on lighten... and bam. All the lights come flying out at you. vibrant, photorealistic, sci-fi. Warp it, blur it, flip it, hue shift it.

Aside from that, I added atmosphere to push the farther parts back, and a foregroudn element to get a 1,2,3 read (FG, MG, BG). You can have some fun designing space docks and throw in a pre-designed ship thing as well!

City scapes are tough... I am afraid to attempt it actually... one I reference is by alex chu, it's here.

Actually, he has ALOT of good 'city stuff'. he really mastered that thing.

anyways, to pull your beacon lights out more, I used a combination of Vivid light layers (if you double click it and turn off the "transparency shapes layer", you get some wicked awesome light FX), and some color dodge layers.

Overall, It's a very solid base. I love the vertical light pillars on the ground, reminds me of LAX alot. I hope I didn't ruin underlying things you had going on either =\ but don't be afraid of bright punchy colors! Also, sometimes going over an image with an overlay layer at the very end really pushes it... you can use it to push warm/cool, light/shadow, etc, and it can really make an image stand out.

note: the emphasis on that main building is a bit patchy, that would take some thought... but I tried to keep focal point there... maybe should have toned down the blue light

More red riding hood

@ Annis: I need to get this portfolio done ASAP... so I can't really sketch traditionally.. it's be alot messier and alot slower then straight digital.

not really happy with the shapes of the bikes, will probably do more... but first, other stuff!

EDIT: currently fixing that costume on the far right... thing is jacked up.


workin on ye ol' personal project

more thumbnails

for the freelancey thing.

Lesson learned; do not design too much in the thumbnail stage. Like we learned.. dont deliver more than Stance, Proportion, and Silhouette. With the other sets I did, I tried detailing them and such, and he kept wanting more and more, when all that crap is alot easier to do in the second stage after you have the skeleton you're working on nailed down.

Also, just a random note I learned from listening to Kevin chen crit some guy- For your portfolio, don't arrange stuff in a grid... having 9 equally sized things on a page equally spaced looks nice, but people don't actually look at it. No matter how nice the designs are, most people will just breeze past it. If you want someone to really look at your designs, lay them out in a very interesting way... as far as freelance goes, like Scott said.. maybe Apples to Apples is a better presentation method for actual work. (as opposed to presentation only.)

post people!!

Personal Portfolio project... Little red Riding hood, sci-fi style. Just calling it Redhood for short. Need to do more figure drawing for sure... btw, the ugly construction lines in the face will go away when I paint it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some freelance I'm working on (he said I'm allowed to show it) :D

Monday, April 20, 2009

Another one for tonight.

I'm trying to do one every day.
So, I should say here what I'm trying to accomplish with these: My attempts are to practice immense scale in 1 point perspective, whilst designing in graphic 2d shapes, and playing with layering + people. I've always been intrigued by pieces such as this (most recent one was by edmund at the intern show!)

The narrative here? A guy on a clunky futuristic hover-motorcycle toward a mysterious humongous building. Is he late for work? Or is he exploring? You'll NEVER know-muahahah. I was trying to play with red/pink+ blue in the same image. It came from experimentation with the lights in Mary's class.
I think my shadows should be more purple + green.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


30 minutes or so. I don't like it... I was trying to play around with some funky colors, and a cool futuristic something. In the end- it sucks ballzzz...
Paintovers welcome.
I'm going to go behind a paper and pen now.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

non-custom brush ship

rosario dawson study

Friday, April 17, 2009

30mins not so speedie

trying to get faster and not noodle. setting myself a 30 mins stop, let's see how far I get...

first exploration piece of my project... not pretty but it works! time to sketch :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Custom brush speedie - looking at sparth

Let's get the ball rolling!

Lex: thanks for kicking off the blog! try using as little brush strokes as possible.

Paintover for Lex

Hey lex! So it generally works out nice! Most of what I altered are things dealing with Viscom 2 (like on the helmet), material indication (on the fur thingy and the clothes), and on the background color.

1: I changed the background color because it was really saturated next to your character. Dulling it down is more appealing to the eye and moves focus to the character!

2: I pretty much just applied viscom 2 to the helmet, along with refining the design of the mask part (so that I could light it better). When painting more complex shapes, it's important to know how they act in light- just something to think about!

3: Watch out for the burn tool, it isn't a great way to add shadows. It's more effective to paint them in, and in some cases, using overlay layers can help! Just refine that painting skill over summer- do master studies, paint from life (try painting your computer desk from where you are!) or painting outside, or even doing photo studies helps.

4: His stick was a bit too powerfully orange, so I dulled it down to a less saturated brown.

This piece has alot of potential! try developing this character in sketch form too, could turn out really cool! do design studies of the helmet (annis has some from dp2 on his blog). Maybe design other members of this group/clan/squadron!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

i think we should just post all our stuff on our own personal blogs and crit eachother there instead of uploading our work in a million different places. doesn't take that much more effort.

Entertainment Summer Projects :D

Let's begin as soon as possible! :D